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PNGSME Web Services provides you over fifty top–level domain name extensions to pick from! Even so, before selecting with which domain you intend to go, you need to first check out the TLD information table. It’ll present you with info on the registration period of just about every TLD and also the attributes it supports, including a registrar–lock feature, a transfer service, an Edit WHOIS functionality, WHOIS Privacy Protection, and much more. As a result, in the event the domain you would like to register cannot be transferred to another registrar, for instance, you may want to search for a TLD which could be transferred away, just in case you do not like the services of your existing registrar.

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TLD Registrar-Lock Transfers Edit WHOIS ID Protect Registration Period Single registration
.com yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $14.04
.org yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $22.50
.net yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $16.04
.info yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $21.50
.biz yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $22.00
.name no yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years $20.00
.co yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-5 years $50.00
.ws yes yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years $33.00
.tv yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $50.00
.family no yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $40.00
.party yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $50.00

Registrar–Lock Option - It is easy to lock your domain name with your present registrar! If your domain is actually locked, all the incoming domain transfer inquiries are straight away rejected. Thus, you can shield yourself against domain thefts!

Transfer Your Domain - Employing our services, you’re able to move any domain over to our registrar. The moment the transfer is done, a period of 12 months will be added to the domain’s expiration date! In addition, we don’t ask you for any sort of special fees for the transfer compared with several domain registrars. One more reason to move your domain onto PNGSME Web Services! If your domain involves an EPP authorization key, it is advisable to acquire it from your existing registrar before the switch is started.

Edit Your WHOIS Info - You will be allowed to revise the freely displayed WHOIS details for a domain name anytime!

Whois Privacy Protection - The WHOIS Privacy Protection service will allow you to hide out your private information out of the public eye as well as change it with our own contact details!

The Registration Period - A TLD is available with its own registration period as related to the registry’s policy. As an example, a widespread domain like .COM may be registered for 1–10 years, whereas a domain like .BE is offered for 1 year only.

Minimum TLD Registration Period - A good number of TLDs have a nominal registration period of 12 months.

Notes - Right here you can get familiar with the particular demands for the various TLDs, in case there are such.

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