What is OpenCart?

If you would like to own online shop developed with minimal work, then OpenCart certainly is the solution you’re looking for. You have a lot functions readily available right from the box. When using the user friendly OpenCart admin user interface, you will get your web store all set almost instantly.

With OpenCart, you will be able to add an infinite quantity of goods, with an overview per each one. The software supports quite a few currencies, with new ones becoming incorporated with every new edition. There’s 20 different transaction gateways supported, from PayPal to Klarna, furthermore you’ll discover 8 shipping and delivery methods accessible. And if you’re looking for more, you are able to enhance the main functionality with one of the numerous totally free extensions that are readily available for OpenCart.

OpenCart is a registered trademark of OpenCart Limited and shares no connection with PNGSME Web Services.

OpenCart–Optimized Linux Web Hosting Packages Services

When you manage an online store, it’s crucial for you to employ an effective hosting vendor that can make certain that your web site is going to be running, in all cases. At PNGSME Web Services, we have created optimized OpenCart Linux web hosting packages services that include a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. And because of PNGSME Web Services’s custom made web hosting platform and network setup, we’ll hold up our guarantee on a daily basis.

Our OpenCart–optimized Linux web hosting packages packages also come with limitless disk space, limitless traffic and unlimited MySQL database storage space allocations. This way, it won’t make a difference how many site visitors or goods you have – you won’t ever use up all your traffic or disk space. And we also can easily configure and set up OpenCart quickly for you, as soon as you order your account.

A Point & Click Site Control Panel

When you manage online shop, the less time you spend for your hosting Control Panel and the more time you spend on the web site and on your clients – the better. It’s for these reasons, we have developed a Site Control Panel which allows you to do everything much faster.

It will be easy to manage your domain names, your web sites and your billing transactions from just one location, no need for other billing panels. Each time you sign in, we’ll present to you current stats for your current web site. Along with our intuitive, easy to navigate user interface, it will be possible to move about the various sections of the Control Panel in seconds. We’ve also included many 100% free tools and bonuses, which you can make full use of. With the Online Statistics Manager, it is also possible to see all of your site traffic figures at any time, with no need to insert any type of monitoring codes to your website. By using our Site Acceleration Tools, it will be easy to make your website blazing–fast.